The Future of Crypto and How to Protect Yourself from Bad Players

Growth of Crypto Assets Under Management | Source: Crypto Fund Research
  • It seems like metaverse protocols are the new talk of the town, with IT giants such as Facebook, now Meta, stepping into the industry. The entire metaverse market cap is currently worth just over $25 billion, with a lot of room left to grow.
  • Due to its illiquidity and non-fungible nature, it’s very hard to estimate the market cap of the entire NFT market. However, DappRadar pointed out that the NFT sector might be worth over $14 billion. If we take into account the potential of this sector to revolutionize the music, gaming, and many more industries, it’s safe to say that this is just the beginning of a majestic rise. Some analysts even go as far as saying that the NFT market will account for as much as 10% of the entire crypto market capitalization in the near future.
  • The decentralized finance market offers almost infinite opportunities to its users. While it aims to complement or even replace the traditional financial markets, DeFi is still far from reaching its goal. However, its growing market and ever-expanding use cases are certainly nothing to scoff at. The entire DeFi market currently sits at just over $125 billion in market capitalization.

The purpose of

  1. The nBNB Network
  2. The iBNB Bank

The nBNB Network

The iBNB Bank

Final words

Ilija Rankovic



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