iBNB Grand: First of its kind DeFi Bank for Wealth Growth and Management

Present Challenges in DeFi Investing

While promising, this nascent industry, however, is still in its early days, and many challenges need to be addressed before it can reach its full potential. One of these challenges is inefficient price discovery.

Other Challenges in the DeFi Sector

Inefficient price discovery is not the only issue facing the emerging DeFi industry. A lack of regulation is also a challenge as most emerging countries have no clear legal guidelines on the industry. Lack of regulatory clarity slows down adoption and even scares off many potential investors from the industry as they are not sure who to trust in an industry that has often been likened to the Wild West.

What is the iBNB Ecosystem?

iBNB is the first of its kind dynamic DeFi investment ecosystem. It features a DeFi Bank called iBNB Bank, a partnership network of various DeFi projects and investors called nBNB network, and a set of trading and investment tools accessible to investors and traders through the iBNB website and the nBNB brige.

How does iBNB work?

At its core, the iBNB ecosystem is designed to be expansive rather than closed. A glance at the working mechanisms of most reward tokens and one will realize that most use a transaction fee-based mechanism based on that token’s trading volume only.

The iBNB Bank

The iBNB Bank is an intelligent money management system built for the iBNB ecosystem with smart contracts, various DeFi protocols, quantitative algorithms, and strategic investments.

Conclusion: The future of iBNB

Making wise financial investments starts with having access to the right information. Given the lack of financial literacy among crypto enthusiasts, iBNB wants to become a pillar for financial literacy for its community of investors and the crypto space at large.



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