iBNB Gamified: The Future of Investing in The Metaverse

From cryptocurrencies to smart contracts and now NFTs, blockchain technology continues to revolutionize the world of finance and investing in ways never thought possible before. Currently, there is a growing move towards a gamified play-to-earn experience using NFTs in a virtual metaverse powered by decentralized ledger technologies.

This move is changing how players on gaming platforms view ownership of in-game assets thereby empowering players to not only enjoy gameplay but also become investors in the gaming platform. For this reason, iBNB (a blockchain-based ecosystem designed to revolutionize decentralized finance) has developed a gamified investment opportunity that will focus on virtual assets such as NFTs to open up more possibilities of earning and wealth creation for its community of investors.

The new platform iBNB is developing is designed from the ground up with a focus on delivering a next-generation gamified investment experience with exclusive access to play-to-earn projects that will expand the iBNB initiative to the Metaverse.

Advancements in the Metaverse

There is no denying that tech enthusiasts across the globe are excited about what the future of the metaverse will look like. As more blockchain-based NFT projects take root, not to mention the rising popularity of decentralized finance solutions, top players in the industry are already jumping on the metaverse bandwagon given the potential of what the future of investing could look like.

After all, many of the necessary technologies required to build an immersive virtual version of our real world already exist. Augmented reality has advanced to a point of being ubiquitous, VR (virtual reality) headsets are being developed for the consumer market in droves, and most smartphones are powerful enough to support a VR experience of some sort. Haptic touch-sensitive technology has also come a long way thereby enabling users to not only experience the visual aspects of a virtual world but also touch and feel it.

Likewise, the technologies required to facilitate a digital economy in which we can use representational assets that exist on the blockchain such as virtual land and digital goods already exist. At the moment, a variety of blockchain standards for the creation of non-fungible and fungible tokens are coming up. Ethereum’s ERC-721 token standard currently leads the charge albeit scalability issues.

Other blockchain networks such as the Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Polygon also offer decent alternatives to Ethereum’s network. Research in mixed and extended reality is also moving fast and advancements in the appearance of avatars and other 3D graphics are also evident given the rapid rate of technological progress.

Needles to say, an intersection between technologies such as NFTs, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality will turn the metaverse from an abstract futuristic concept to a tangible lucrative industry in itself.

However, despite the potential around the metaverse, the entire sector is still in its infancy and full of risky and speculative investment opportunities. Most existing projects that have currently emerged are focusing on gaming or social activities within virtual reality while overlooking the economic aspects of the metaverse.

While there is nothing wrong with having fun through playing games and socializing in the metaverse, the future of a virtual world that mimics our real-world also heavily relies on a strong economic foundation that will incentivize long-term engagement for all participants.

NFTs as The Next Logical Step

Throughout 2021, NFT sales have increased significantly as the popularity of virtual-reality games and virtual collectibles (especially in the 3rd quarter of 2021) increased among mainstream audiences. Nearly every emerging blockchain network now supports NFTs and artists, celebrities, and even entire companies have jumped on the bandwagon to produce their own NFT collections.

Given the rising demand for blockchain-based NFTs, a myriad of specific NFTs have sold for a lot of money, even giving rise to the fractionalization of NFTs into smaller pieces for more people to own and collect.

This is why iBNB Gamified is offering a shift in focus to play-to-earn projects that are not only lucrative but also fun to play and earn.

What is iBNB Gamified?

iBNB Gamified is the next logical step of the iBNB Grand platform given the current hype and excitement around NFTs, play-to-earn gaming projects, and the metaverse. As giant tech companies take up diligent steps to integrate a virtual viewpoint into our physical reality, iBNB is also moving in line with its main agenda of revolutionizing the DeFi landscape with a step towards the metaverse.

iBNB Gamified will develop the steps into the metaverse thus allowing investors to experience financial exposure to play-to-earn projects as well as explore the fun and excitement that comes with metaverse. Investors in the iBNB community will have access to financial education and equipment to sufficiently explore the opportunities in the metaverse through virtual eyes.

Therefore, the iBNB Bank will start releasing NFTs and the transactions that go through iBNB’s decentralized bank from the network of projects partnered with iBNB will be used to offer investors holding certain NFTs unique and exclusive benefits.

iBNB Gamified NFTs

The first set of NFTs investors in the iBNB ecosystem should look out for are the nBNB NFTs. These are issued according to the transaction fees that come from nBNB projects in the iBNB ecosystem. Each nBNB NFT is related to a specified project on the network and therefore supports utility for said project. This not only benefits investors but also the projects that join the iBNB network as they get to receive a special collection of NFTs as soon as they come on board.

iBNB Gamified also has Portal NFTs which are special edition NFTs that will give investors holding nBNB NFTs exclusive access to improved functionalities and features on the iBNB website. For instance, investors will be able to use these NFTs to gain access to interoperable features that allow for the connectivity of the iBNB platform to other NFT-based blockchains like Polygon and Solana.

Then there is Hybrid NFT Bot which is iBNB most impressive addition to the metaverse. These NFTs come in form of conversational bots that feature the latest available AI (artificial intelligence) technology to conversate with. Investors in the iBNB community will own these conversational bots and use them to create incredible content in the metaverse or simply create a virtual personality for the metaverse. The conversational bots can be customized into pet bots, traded on the open marketplace, or even upgraded for the performance of specified functions.

As part of the iBNB ecosystem, the iBNB Bank is also preparing for the release of its first NFTs. These include two exclusive NFTs designed to give holders special evident flow. The first is the Supreme Investor NFT. These will serve as tickets to the iBNB Bank Supreme Investor Pool such that investors who own these NFTs will receive special dividend flow from projects that get on board the iBNB network. The second is the Private Sale Exclusive NFTs. Holders of these NFTs will have direct access to private sales on projects partnered with the nBNB network. Therefore, investors won’t need to undertake sophisticated steps or ask for favors to participate in private sales.

iBNB Gamified: A DeFi Solution to the Metaverse

Some of the play-to-earn projects that iBNB is partnering with its move into the metaverse include MetaBunnies which is a play-to-earn game where players battle each other to win and earn. Each player’s avatar is an NFT with additional wearable NFTs and weapons not to mention varying levels of rarity. The project also contains a staking mechanism among other additional bonuses. iBNB is also working towards a partnership with MetaGLX which is a futuristic, fast-paced play-to-earn raving game inspired by the Wipeout 2048 and F-Zero series.

As NFT transactions are set to fund iBNB’s dividend pools to the benefit of investors and projects in the ecosystem, the iBNB team is also at work on building a bridge that will link the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to other blockchains that support NFTs such as Solana, Ethereum and Polygon.

Overall, the iBNB team focused on the good times ahead for all its investors and partner projects. As more partnerships and innovations emerge, the iBNB network is set to grow with more demand that enables the platform to reach out to more people around the world and revolutionize investing in the metaverse.

Written by:

Jinia Shawdagor




Official Medium of http://iBNB.Finance #iBNB works on a liquidity and daily dividend pool generation protocol. Disclaimer: Not affiliated with BNB in any way.

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Official Medium of http://iBNB.Finance #iBNB works on a liquidity and daily dividend pool generation protocol. Disclaimer: Not affiliated with BNB in any way.

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