Hybrid NFT Bots

4 min readJan 20, 2022

The 2022 Roadmap of iBNB, introduced a bunch of new features for users including expansion into Metaverse, creating NFTs, and Play-to-Earn games. With this, iBNB takes another step towards creating a self-sustained decentralized ecosystem with a robust community.

With many mind-blowing features being available in the new update, iBNB has specifically focused on the integration of Metaverse. Metaverse has been on the rage for the past year, but the supply to demand ratio in terms of audience expectations still seems afar. It’s important to understand that even though many metaverses have opened their doors to the enthusiasts, it’s still functioning on a rudimentary level.

Hybrid NFT Bots

Bots are widely used features today expanding from chatbots, Discord bots, to trading bots, the list goes on. Hybrid NFT bots are slightly different from the existing idea of bots.

Up until now, bots were invisible programs running on a system that gets activated by some external triggers. An average bot performs repetitive, automated, pre-defined tasks imitating human abilities.

iBNB Hybrid NFT Bots are unique in the sense that they have a standing visible figure in the form of an NFT. Whoever owns the NFT, is the owner of the bot, and gets to control, modify, and customize the tasks the bot can perform.

So basically you’re looking at a mobile companion, much like a video game NPC (non-player characters). In the initial launch, these bots are conversational AI bots with limited functions. As iBNB expands, new updates will be launched with more features creating utilities within the NFTs.

Investors and players will be able to buy and trade the bots on open marketplaces. They can also buy NFT skins and other decorative traits for these pet bots.

Having exclusive access to the world’s most advanced text comphrehension and generation APIs, we created the Hybrid Bots with the best AI tech available in the field. As of now, the beta version of the bot is already performing at an impressive level.

In one of the testing phases, we asked the bot to simplify Einstein’s Theory of Relativity for five-year-olds. The bot answered:

The theory of relativity is a theory that was developed by Albert Einstein. The theory of relativity is about the relationship between space and time. It says that time goes faster for people who are moving. For example, if you are on a train going 100 miles per hour, then people on the train will age slower than people who are standing on the ground.

While we’re at a loss for words to appreciate the explanation, it’s still at a beta level with minor bugs to fix. Team iBNB has high hopes when it comes to the Hybrid NFT Bots as well the whole iBNB gamified campaign.

The other aspect of the campaign includes iBNB NFTs, iBNB Bank NFTs, nBNB NFTs, Portal NFTs, and ESP Bridge.


iBNB NFTs will be directly used to fund the project, marketing, and dividend pool acting as a secondary revenue source. As promised, all the products, investments, and dividend withdrawals will be directly accessible through conventional credit/debit cards like Visa and Mastercard in the iBNB ecosystem. The initial fund of ~100BNB required to avail this service will come from these NFTs as well.

ESP Bridge

The ESP Bridge will work as a cross-chain wormhole linking Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Terra to BSC. This will solve the interoperability problem of Blockchains by opening simplified access to the user. This will let iBNB partner with interesting projects from all these projects and expand to other blockchains as well.

Closing Thoughts

iBNB is fundamentally a dividend-based project; the ultimate priority of the project is to pay out higher dividends to investors on a daily basis. To fulfil the expectations of the investors, additional features will be continuously launched to create multiple revenue streams as well as make the ecosystem more engaging.

A lion share of the primary sales of the NFTs and secondary market commissions will be redirected to the dividend pool and the liquidity pool to keep the cycle healthy and functioning. The rest of the funds will be used on marketing efforts, research and development, and onboarding the best talents to boost the growth rate of the iBNB ecosystem.

Like the Hybrid Trading Bots and other NFTs, more features will be announced as iBNB continues to deliver.

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Romeo Fardeen




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